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               Do you want proof that God is real? Or proof the bible is true? Would you like to see evidence of God and how God pertains to World History The answer is research! Lets face it, learning from hearsay is not a very dependable source of factual information. Throughout history many people gave there lives for the proof God is real and proof the bible is true (Truth of the Gospel).

 What are some of the questions that you have about God and the Gospel? Have you ever wondered what made the Gospel so famous in the first place? Why did people die to prove the bible true? Do you feel confused about the concept of evolution vs. creation? What if it could all be clear to you! The problem with the truth is that it hurts sometimes and as humans we choose to lean toward our pride and when we come across things we don't like and cannot change, we simply ignore or (with the power of our will) phase what we consider to be  negative from our subconscious. But if you are searching for the truth it will change your life!!

Did you know that Science Proves there is a God? Why wouldn't God be a scientist? Why do we separate the creation from the creator. Science is not separate from God because science itself is an invention of the great creator. All of life is proof God is real, so why do some ignore the evidence? Because they don't want God to exist? because they want to be gods themselves? or is it just a simple misunderstanding? does our understanding come from our own or what is taught to us? Does it come from our hearts and souls, or is it something that is taught to us by our parents, peer pressure, or our schools? Whether or not you want proof the Bible is true or just proof that God is real, it has to be of your own accord

Instead of taking everyone's word for it, BE SURE! I know what your thinking, "You cant really be sure there's a God or who God is." Sorry to say, but that my friend is hearsay! Of course you can be sure there is a God and who God is. In order to find God you must study the origin of many beliefs. Proof of the Bible (The Gospel) doesn't come from one person but many who lived in different parts of the world, in different time periods, and different languages. Well guess what my friends the research has been done for you and hopefully this site will help you find the answers you seek!

 I want to help you because this site is focused around an apologetic book entitled "Master Science" by Meek Godmanseed. Most apologists love to give EDUCATIONAL answers to questions about God. That's why this site offers its members a Free COPY of this Apologetic book or you can read it online for free!! For those of you who want proof God is real, and proof the bible is true, and those of you who just love Christian Apologetics and finding new MIND BLOWING answers and research. So if you have been looking for proof of God, you have come to a great place to start. Like i said, the site offers this book free to its members and the membership is free as well. Over 10 years (over a decade) of research was the inspiration to write an educational but controversial piece entitled "Master Science, The Search For God" and reading this book will change how you see life, history, and God!!

The book gives answers to questions that many theologians may not covered in the past. Master Science covers a different view on God and History while showing proof God is real and proof the bible is true. The book helps describe the existence of God and who God is using intelligent design (creationism) and facts about world history. The first section of the book covers creationism using examples of intelligent design that we can find all around us. The first section is very educational piece meant to explain the miracles of science and uses examples of how they point to the existence of God (For beginners). The second section is entitled "The History of God" This section does exactly what it sounds like. It explains God and History while removing any doubts you had about the authenticity of the Gospel and shows you proof the bible is true. Is God real? Who is God? and Where is God? are no longer going  brain busters for you.





      The second section "The History of God" is a mind blowing eyeopening truth about the proof of God you can find throughout history. For the first time ever, find out the shocking controversial reasons why no one can see the obvious facts that prove that the Gospel is ultimately the undeniable word of God. "The History of God" will have you begging for more and strengthen your faith in God more than you ever thought possible. If you are a strong fan of Christian Apologetics then "Master Science" is sure to be a future favorite.  


      "Master Science" is a an excellent combination of creationism (intelligent design), God, and History. If you are new to Christian apologetic material or want to learn more about God or proof the Bible is true "Master Science" is great for both seasoned and  beginner apologists. You can even impress your other apologist friends with your new found knowledge of Gospel. !!You can now READ THE BOOK ONLINE FREE!! Get your free copy of Master Science and prepare to be shocked and amazed by this powerfully convincing apologetic book.

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